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Anti panic

Anti-panic handles are a kind of handles that are commonly used for emergency and fire-proof exit doors in crowded places such as hospitals, offices, shopping malls, and generally high-traffic environments that allow the user to open the door through the longitudinal plate. The anti-panic handle consists of a metal spring bar in the opposite direction of the door opening. Pressing the metal plate releases the lock bolt and help the residents to exit quickly.New building standards typically required to use of the doors that are equipped with anti-panic handles in commercial, office or other buildings that may be need to have rapid evacuation. This kind of doors may be used exclusively for emergencies and may be equipped with an alarm system.

However, in many buildings, anti-panic handles may be used as the daily main door opening mechanism.

Even in many cases, despite the lack of legal requirements due to ease and speed of use compared to other types of handles, builders prefer to use such handles in buildings.

HTN.Prime Company is supplier of one of the best models of anti-panic handles in Iran.

These anti-panic handles have UL certificate from the United States, tested and certified by the Effectis Laboratory (BHRC) in Turkey and approved by the» Research Center of Iran «. Also, anti-panic handles are completely fireproof and can tolerate up to 1400 ° C in fire resistance test.Anti-panic handles have two-way opening handles (up and down) that speed up the exit from the building in case of emergency. The tabs of these models are also made of high-quality steel and alloy. In addition to high security, the health of all consumers is a priority for US, therefore these handles are designed and manufactured in a way to have the best and fastest possible performance.

Door Closer

In fact, door closer is a mechanism that usually place on the top of the door to cause the door close slowly. Door closer is a hydraulic appliance that, if installed in the right place and has a proper adjust, prevents excessive noise when using the door.Also, it can make you sure the door is closed. Door closers work by a mechanism created by springs, cylinders, pistons and hydraulic oil.When the door gets opened, the hydraulic liquid in the door closer is transferred from one tank to another, and as soon as the spring closes the door again, the hydraulic liquid is transferred the speed to the previous tank by valves. One of the main differences of our door closers is that we use fire proof hydraulic oil. Although this feature is not obvious but it is so important in the case of fire accident. Because fire-proof oils are not flammable during a fire and prevent the fire from igniting.

Useness of door closers

Door closers are used for doors in the following cases:

l In order to maintain security for the entrance doors, it is very important to use door closers.l Door closers are used on the entrance doors of the building and the fireproof doors to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the case of fire accident.lDoor closers also help control noise in buildings and prevent unwanted noise from room doors, outside and even inside the building.Our door closers are one of the best models on the market that have high strength and durability. These products have 3-years guarantee and their performance wouldn’t change after a long-term useness.Please note that weight of the door has effect on choosing the door closer. Our door closers in two models, one can support the light doors up to 65kg and one can support heavy doors up to 120 kg, it means that they can be used for a wide range of doors on the market.We supply these products in a variety of colors in     black,silver,brown,gold and white that cover all of the tastes