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Please buy the lock body before buying the door handle!

Usually we focus on the appearance while shopping but the actual performance of door handle depends on the choice of lock body and fittings. Choosing the right lock can help the handle perform properly and extend its life. Here are the features you should consider when you are going to buy a lock.


HTN Prime locks are divided into luxury and unique series in terms of ingredients.

Luxury: The latch, deadbolt and faceplate of luxury series are stainless steel and the square bar that cause the door handle open the door is made from Brass. The internal parts of these handles are anti-erosion and fire-resistant, and are suitable for use in front doors, busy places such as hospitals, cinemas, and… due to the number of openings and closings.

Unique: In unique series the faceplate is made from Iron that produced with different finishing. The square bar and secure lock part are made from brass. We suggest you to use unique series for the door of rooms or WC but if you have a limit budget, also you can use unique series for entrance doors because all of our lock bodies have lifetime guarantee.

Some sellers will sell the door handle along with a cheap lock, and you think that you made a profit but the locks are made of a cheap material, which affects the life of the handle.

Size guide

Size 30-35 are more suitable for iron and aluminum doors. The advantage of the size 35 over the 30 is that with a larger lock you can have a free choice in the handle. If you choose 30, you will be more limited in your choice. Sizes (40-50-60-70) are suitable for wooden doors. If you choose a wide lock, the door handle looks more beautiful on the door and also your hand doesn’t get stuck with the door frame when you open the door.

Sometimes the patterns on the door make it impossible to use wide locks like the 70 so you have to use a smaller size.

Please note that all of HTNprime lock bodies have lifetime guarantee and are available in different colors. You can also buy cylinder and door handle in our shop to complete the set.