Anti-panic handles are a kind of handles that are commonly used for emergency and fire-proof exit doors in crowded places such as hospitals, offices, shopping malls, and generally high-traffic environments that allow the user to open the door through the longitudinal plate. HTN.Prime Company is supplier of one of the best models of anti-panic handles in Iran. These anti-panic handles have UL certificate from the United States, tested and certified by the Effectis Laboratory (BHRC) in Turkey and approved by the» Research Center of Iran «. Also, anti-panic handles are completely fireproof and can tolerate up to 1400 ° C in fire resistance test. Anti-panic handles have two-way opening handles (up and down) that speed up the exit from the building in case of emergency. In addition to high security, the health of all consumers is a priority for US, therefore these handles are designed and manufactured in a way to have the best and fastest possible performance.