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Cabinet handle H2700

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gold 24K

Cabinet handle H2720

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Cabinet handle H2200

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Cabinet handle H2210

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Cabinet handle H1320

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Cabinet handle H2220

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Cabinet handle H2530

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Cabinet handles

Cabinet handle is one of the most important kitchen accessories and fittings that have a great effect on the beauty of cabinets. In other word, in addition to opening and closing the cabinet, it also has a decorative aspect. Currently, different types of cabinet handles are produced that differ in material, color and appearance. For buying this product, you should consider the decoration of kitchen and the design of cabinets. Because the harmony between cabinet handle and the kitchen decoration is necessary. Due to the great variety of products available in the market, it may be difficult for some people to choose cabinet handles.

In terms of design, there are two types of cabinet handles, classic and modern.

Classic models are suitable for wooden cabinets and membranes, and modern models are suitable for MDF and glass cabinets.

In this regard, our company has provided the possibility of online visiting of the cabinet for dear buyers.

Types of cabinet handles

The right choice of this accessory and its harmony with the design of the cabinet will affect the beauty of the kitchen.

There are several types of handles that are divided into modern, classic, ceramic, concealed and built-in.

For buying a cabinet handle, you should pay attention to the features of each one to make the best choice.

Modern Cabinet Handles

Simplicity is an important feature of modern cabinets. Therefore, accessories can increase the beauty of this type of cabinet.

Modern handles have a variety of models.

Two screws are used to install this product on the cabinet. For this reason, it is also called a double-screw handle. When installing this model, you should pay attention to the place of it on cabinet. It’s better to don’t use large handles if the install direction on the drawer is horizontal or on the cabinets is vertical.


In the past, cabinet accessories were produced in limited models. One of these models, which was very common in ancient times, is the knob. One screw is used to install this product on the cabinet. For this reason, it is also called a single-screw handle. There are different types of this model in the form of circles, rectangles, squares,etc. That you can buy the model you look for according to your kitchen cabinet model.

Classic Cabinet handles

Classic cabinets have luxury and special designs. Therefore, buying luxury cabinet handles can complete their beauty.

Classic models are offered in two types of single screw and double screw.

Single-screw handle: It is the knob model that is used for installing on drawers. The knob has less power therefore it is suitable for drawers. You can choose one of the shapes of circle, square or rectangle according to your cabinet model.

Two-screw handle: It is placed vertically on the cabinet surface by using two screws. This accessory is produced in different sizes.

Ceramic Cabinet Handles

It is a special product and a combination of metal and ceramic. The unique features of this model have made it welcomed by different people. This accessory model is also produced in two types of single screw (Knob) and double screw.

All HTN Prime cabinet handles have 7-years unconditional guarantee. These handles maintain their resistance in all weather conditions and do not cause any color change.

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