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Door hinges are one of the most important fittings used in home entrance doors and interior doors. Choosing the right hinge adjusting the door distance from the sides, frame and hinges, increases the lifetime and beauty of the door.

Hinges Function

We use hinges to attach moving parts such as: door to body, window to frame ,etc. The hinge consists of two parts. One plate is attached to the body and the other part is installed on the door. The two pieces move by using a pin.Each of the hinges is suitable for a specific type of structure. You should choose the suitable one by considering weight of the door, type of the door, structure, etc.

Description of Hinges

To open and close the door of the building, we need to install hinges, so we have to know the different types.

The door material (Iron, metal, wood, anti-theft, etc.) is so important to choose hinges. This useful fitting includes various models such as bended hinges, butterflies, flat, etc., which are divided into 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 inches based on the size. The hinges can be made of stainless steel and brass, the material should determine based on installation place. All our hinges have at least three ball bearings that cause the door to move easy and without friction. 

Different parts of a hinge


Different parts with specific features and applications formed together and make a hinge. A simple hinge generally has two plates and one pin. In one plate has holes so that the screw gets completely in contact with the surface of the plate. if you have a loose hinge in your hand, know that it’s not in ruined, rather it causes the door to move slowly by the ball bearings inside it. for choosing a hinge for different structures, pay attention to the length, width and thickness of it. Because it has a great effect on the performance of the door and project quality.

HTN.Prime Company is one of the biggest hinge pioneers in Iran that is supplying all kinds of flat, bended and butterfly hinges by Relying on the latest knowledge in the world.

If you do not have enough information about the types of hinges, we suggest you to follow us and get more information about different types of it.


Butterfly Hinges

This model of hinge consists of 2 unequal wings and a pin. The smaller wing, which looks like a butterfly, fits inside the larger wing. This hinge is used in doors without bending (Flat doors). Our ball bearing butterfly hinge with 7 years unlimited guarantee and a variety of colors of silver, olive, gold and black, and in two materials, iron and 304 stainless steel, is a smart choice for your doors.   

Bended Hinges

It is just like a flat hinge, which consists of two wings attach together by a movable pin. The smaller wing, which looks like a butterfly, fits inside the larger wing. Curvature in both wings of this hinge is one of its main features. This hinge is used in bended doors (because the inside’s thickness of the door is greater than the outside). 4-inch bended hinges are usually used on interior doors and entrance doors of apartments. Also, this hinge is offered in the market in 2 types of crown head and flat head, depending on the buyer’s taste.Our bended hinges in 3 materials: iron, steel and brass and a variety of plating: olive, gold, silver, white and black in two models crown head and flat head and different sizes can be a good choice for you.

Flat hinges

The flat hinge consists of 2 wings that are attach together by a pin (as a press or detachable pin). This hinge is used in flat doors without bending, such as interior doors and entrance doors. Also, flat hinges are available in 2 types of crown heads and flatheads.All of our hinges are offered in olive, silver,black,white and gold plating and you can choose the color of your hinge according to your door color. Also, all hinges of Our company have 7years unconditional guarantee on iron, brass and steel materials and a variety of olive, gold, silver and black plating. So that dear customer can be sure from the durability, strength and quality of HTN.Prime hinges.You can be in touch with our sales consultants to choose the right hinge for your structure and make the best choice.