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Introducing smart series products

Nowadays, advancement of technology has made the opportunity for the owners of the construction industry to take an effective step towards increasing security and improving client’s standard of living in home and commercial places by using intelligence equipment.

This is a pleasure for arya yaragh sanat co as one of the leading companies in this industry, by Increasing diversity and add new product groups in the field of smart and digital products every year, makes this opportunity for building activists to satisfy their customers with any kind of taste in a desirable way by providing different kind of products.

Smart series product categories:

The smart series are divided into four categories:

l Smart Handles

l Hotel Locks

lDoor viewers

lDrawer smart locks

Digital locks Digital lock is one of the most prominent digital products in the smart series. It unlocks by fingerprint, card or password, and you no longer need to always have a key with yourself and worry about getting lost it. This product is designed in a way that its body is strong enough. Also, the use of electronic systems has made this product one of the top products in the field of building security.

This product is increasing the security factors of the building and improving the quality of modern life. Furthermore, it has provided the opportunity to be given special attention by activists in the field of construction industry, as a competitive advantage in luxury and modern markets.

Totally, the HTN.Prime Smart handles are divided into 4 categories:

lZ smart Series

lX smart Series

lGalaxy smart Series

lSpace smart series

Hotel Locks (Organizational(Hotel locks are a kind of smart door handle, which is actually a kind of card lock. This product has the ability to connect to a specific program and can be used to report traffic of people.

Digital door viewers:

Digital door viewer is a type of security device that is installed on the entrance gate and has replaced the old one. This product is designed to display images with high resolution and allows you to record images. Also, if needed, it is possible to record video with accurate recording of time and date. In fact, digital door viewers are a type of CCTV camera that are installed on all types of building doors and provide high security for the building.

There are different types of digital door viewers. Digital door viewer with the ability to display high resolution images and digital door viewer with the ability to record images.

Drawer Smart Locks

This product is a kind of digital lock that is used in sports spaces such as swimming pools, fitness clubs, as well as organizations, institutions and offices. These products are designed by the latest technology in the world and provide more security for different places.Types of drawer smart locks are as follows:l drawer smart locks unlock by card and braceletl Drawer smart locks unlock by fingerprint, card and bracelet

Last words: The variety of digital products are very high and may be the choosing get very difficult for you. If the security of building is your priority, to get more information and increase the safety factors of your complex, you can visit the website to see the complete info of products then place your order. The price of digital locks is determined according to the model and security features. To get more information you can be in touch with the phone numbers in website.