The most special lock of our company

One of the most special of our digital locks is Galaxy series. This handle with special design and unique features is one of the best digital locks in the country.

This series is one of the few models available in the Iranian market that connects to the smart home system by using the gateway device.

Also, you can control traffic from anywhere, even the farthest point and be informed of all traffic any time by connecting this device to Wi-Fi and your mobile phone. Also, you can restrict or allow people to access in to your home by your mobile phone.

This digital lock has the ability to record finger, cards, passwords, tags and even remotes to unlock.

You can also use a mechanical key to open the door in an emergency situation, such as when the digital lock fails due to a low battery or similar issues.

Furthermore, you can define a separate password, tag or card for each person and have complete control over the traffic.

All of our digital locks have 24months guarantee and 7-years after-sales service so that there is no need for our dear customers to worry about the quality of our products.

For a better choice you can be in touch with our consultants.