The latest digital lock is the SPACE series.

This handle is the thinnest digital handle in the country and in the thickest part, its diameter reaches one centimeter.

In terms of design, you are facing a masterpiece.

In this handle, for the convenience of customers, the fingerprint recognition section is installed on the handle, and your 360-degree fingerprint recognition gives you the fastest access to open the door in any case

In addition to the ability to record fingerprints, you can use cards, passwords, tags and even remotes to unlock it.

You can also use a mechanical key to open the door in an emergency situation, such as when the digital lock fails due to a low battery or similar issues.

Furthermore, you can define a separate password, tag or card for each person and have complete control over the traffic.

24months guarantee and 7 years after-sales services of this handle model is a proof of the high quality of the product.

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