Door hinges are one of the most important fittings used in home entrance doors and interior doors. Choosing the right hinge adjusting the door distance from the sides, frame and hinges, increases the lifetime and beauty of the door. The flat hinge consists of 2 wings that are attach together by a pin (as a press or detachable pin). This hinge is used in flat doors without bending, such as interior doors and entrance doors. Also, flat hinges are available in 2 types of crown heads and flatheads. All our hinges have at least three ball bearings that cause the door to move easy and without friction. This hinge is available in olive, silver and gold plating by brass material that you can choose the color of your hinge according to your door color. Also, all hinges of Our company have 7years unconditional guarantee,So that dear customer can be sure from the durability, strength and quality of HTN.Prime hinges.