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Cabinet handle H2400

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Cabinet handle H2500

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Changing the simple style of your home by new cabinet handles!

You can replace your old cabinet handles with new ones to change the style of your kitchen. You can buy modern or classic designs considering your home style to harmonizes with your decoration.

Cabinet handle types

Generally, we classify cabinet handles based on the number of their connection screws.

Knob: A knob is a piece that is connected to a drawer or cabinet door with one screw. It is generally so easy to install and is available in different shapes and colors. Cabinet handles are the easiest option that can greatly add color and beauty to your home.

Cabinet handle: is a piece that is connected to a drawer or cabinet door with two screws. In addition to the design, you have to consider the size of handle that you should measure the distance between two holes.

How to measure?

Before choosing a cabinet handle you have to measure the distance between two holes on your cabinet door to buy a suitable one. Please note that we mentioned the sizes based on mm. Also, you can use the filter to see your required size.


Cabinet handles with different finishings are available to harmonize with the style of your home. You can choose gold, Ab, Chrome, silver, etc. For example, generally gold color makes a classic style or you can use AB color to add warmness to your décor .as suggestion you can create a modern look if make contrast e.g white cabinet door with black handles or create a classic look with low contrast.


Cabinet handles and knobs are available in different shapes and sizes e.g T-shape knobs. You can use cabinet handles and knobs for drawers, closets, etc.


After choosing the size, shapes and finishings you need, you should think about your kitchen theme. Which theme do you prefer for your kitchen? You can choose classic, neoclassic, modern, etc. Even we have special items that are combination of ceramic and metal. Everyone has their own unique taste and style. Replacing cabinet handles are the last items added to your home and reflect your unique vision.

Don’t forget the details

At first, we think that cabinets are unimportant part of a home but they don’t limit on their appearance. You can change the hinges and use high quality one or organize the space of cabinet by using dividers.


We use cabinets in different places such as kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. You should create harmony between different parts and buy suitable cabinet handles and knobs.

You can search in our website and see different shapes, colors, styles to can make a better choice and buy a unique design. Also, you can get in touch with our consultants.


This beautiful piece never goes out of style!

Attractive and decorative hooks provide guests and family members a place to hang items, including hats, keys, etc.

Hooks are used for different places and are so useful. Furthermore, we can use them as decorative items. You can use full detailed items for classic styles or simple forms for modern styles.

Any style of decorative hooks that you need is available in the htnprime online store! Take a look at our collection of modern and old hooks today to provide a place to hang clothes, hats, plants, umbrellas and more!